The Campus Biotech Digital joins forces with Atos, IBM and Microsoft to develop a unique training platform

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Paris, 27 May 2021

« Supported by the Investments
for the Future Programme »

The Campus Digital Biotech receives funding under the “engineering of vocational and on-the-job training and innovative offers” component of France’s Investments for the Future programme. Launched in December 2020 and run by a leading industrial consortium (bioMérieux, Novasep, Sanofi and Servier), the Campus is partnering with three major players in the digital sector: Atos, IBM and Microsoft. These partners will be working with the Campus to develop an unprecedented bioproduction training platform.

The ambitious platform, the only one of its kind in this strategic sector, will enable professionals and young graduates to develop skills covering the entire bioproduction chain. The training will take place mainly online, and a range of innovative digital solutions will be used to create an immersive learning experience. The Biotech Digital Campus training platform offers a unique solution to the challenges represented by bioproduction today: both comprehensive and tailored, it is designed to meet the sector’s specific training needs and to train tomorrow’s bioproduction experts. The sector, whose ambition is to propel France to the top of the European bioproduction market, plans to create thousands of jobs in France over the next ten years.

A state-of-the-art technology for developing innovative pedagogical experiences

This cutting-edge technological platform, combining the latest innovations developed by Atos, IBM and Microsoft, will be the gateway to the Campus Biotech Digital. The training modules will replicate steps in the bioproduction value chain, offering an immersive experience – like the simulators used to train airline pilots – through the use of digital twins, virtual reality, augmented reality, optimised control rooms and machine learning supported by artificial intelligence. There are numerous expected benefits. For example, the training modules will be tailored to the learner and the equipment, thus matching the needs of industry as closely as possible.

Atos is allowing the Biotech Digital Campus to use its virtual and mixed reality platform Dreamscask. Dreamscask uses the Microsoft Azure cloud computing service and features an immersive applications manager for multiple devices (immersive headsets, mixed reality goggles, etc.), as well as a content store (360° videos, mini-websites, animations, serious games applications, etc.). The centralised management of digital experiences within a single platform gives the Campus the autonomy it needs to provide students with hundreds of hours of educational content in increasingly realistic contexts (laboratory, manufacturing facility, etc.).

« We are proud to be involved in the construction of the Campus Biotech Digital, an ambitious initiative that gives all due importance to digital technology and innovation. By pushing the boundaries of virtual experiences, Atos will allow the next generation of bioproduction talent to gain as much insight as possible into real-world situations and thus to develop operational skills that match the immediate and future needs of employers.»
Robert Vassoyan, Head of Healthcare & Life Sciences of Atos

IBM is providing the Campus with both technological solutions (Learning Management System tools, Comprehend and YourLearning) and pedagogical expertise recognised within the framework of international initiatives (such as Open P-Tech and SkillsBuild).

« Education, training and skills development are top priorities for IBM. We are very proud to be supplying the training platform for the Campus Biotech Digital. Training tomorrow’s biotechnology experts is key to the development of this strategic sector in France. »
Béatrice Kosowski, General Manager of IBM France

For its part, Microsoft offers a platform for the administrative management of the Campus and training courses. This Training Management System is based on all its Cloud solutions (Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Dynamics). Augmented reality will also be present via HoloLens 2 and digital twin solutions.

« Regardless of the industry, training is a top priority and must be accessible to all, especially in these times. By joining the Campus Biotech Digital initiative, we are contributing, thanks to our cutting-edge technologies, to the training of talent for the development of a French biomanufacturing sector of excellence. »
Carlo Purassanta, President of Microsoft France.

« This alliance with leading digital partners ties in perfectly with the construction of a rich and innovative ecosystem to train future talent for the bioproduction sector in France. »
Karim Vissandjee, General Manager of the Campus Biotech Digital

A federated ecosystem to support the development of biotechnology skills

The Campus Biotech Digital aims to pool different biotechnology and digital skills and expertise by stepping up cooperation within the sector and building an expanded ecosystem of innovative educational content design spaces in line with the needs of industry. This unique alliance embodies the commitment of the stakeholders to work together to organise and support the development of health biotechnology skills. In March, the Campus announced that it would be working closely with key biotechnology training providers to develop its course offering: EASE, ENSTBB-Bordeaux INP, ESTBB, IFIS, the IMT group, MabDesign and Sup’Biotech.

The Campus is financed by an exceptional public/private partnership**, including €11.75 million under the “Engineering of vocational and on-the-job training and innovative offers” scheme run by the Caisse des Dépôts (Deposit and Consignment Office) on behalf of the government. In addition, it receives funds from the Opérateur de Compétences Interindustriel (inter-industry skills operator) and the Île-de-France region, and manufacturers in the sector have come together in a consortium to invest more than €30 million.

**This public/private partnership is backed by the State as part of its action on “Workforce adaptation and qualification” and the “Engineering of vocational and on-the-job training and innovative offers” (IFPAI) scheme, a nationwide component of the Investments for the Future Programme run by the Caisse des Dépôts (Banque des Territoires).

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About bioMérieux
Pioneering Diagnostics
A global player in the field of in vitro diagnostics for more than 55 years, bioMérieux is a French company operating in 44 countries and serving over 160 countries through a large distribution network. In 2019, the company’s turnover totalled €2.7 billion, over 90% of which was generated outside of France.
bioMérieux provides diagnostic solutions (systems, reagents, software and services) that identify the source of a disease or contamination to improve patient health and ensure consumer safety. Its products are used primarily for diagnosing infectious diseases. They are also used for detecting micro-organisms in food and agricultural, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.
bioMérieux est une société cotée sur Euronext Paris.
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About Novasep
Novasep provides cost-effective solutions for the sustainable production of molecules for the life sciences and the fine chemicals industry. Novasep’s global offering includes process development services, turnkey purification systems and equipment, contract manufacturing services and complex active molecules for the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and fine chemicals sectors, the food and functional ingredients markets, and the fermentation and chemical commodities industries.

About Sanofi
Sanofi is dedicated to helping people with health issues. As a global biopharmaceutical company specialised in human health, we prevent disease with our vaccines and provide innovative treatments. We help those who suffer from rare diseases, as well as the millions of people with chronic health conditions.
Sanofi, with its workforce of over 100,000 people in 100 countries, is turning scientific innovation into healthcare solutions across the globe.
Sanofi, Empowering Life.

About Servier
Servier is an international pharmaceutical group run by a Foundation. It has a strong geographic presence with operations in 150 countries, which together generated a turnover of €4.7 billion in 2020, and employs 22,500 people worldwide. Servier is an independent group that, every year, invests over 20% of its turnover from brand-name medicines in Research and Development. To accelerate therapeutic innovation for the benefit of patients, the group actively pursues a strategy of open and collaborative innovation with academic partners, pharmaceutical groups and biotechnology companies. Its activities are also patient-centred, from research to the support provided in addition to drug development.

Servier is a leader in cardiology and aims to become a recognised and innovative actor in the field of oncology. Its growth is driven by its unwavering commitment to tackling cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, cancer, and autoimmune and neurological disorders. To enable equal and inclusive access to care, the Servier group also provides a range of high-quality generic medicines covering the majority of diseases. For more information:

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