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who are we? a new biotech centre of excellence is an ambitious training platform in the strategic bioproduction sector. It offers training programmes open to everyone – professionals, employees who are retraining or recent graduates – keen to give their careers a sense of purpose and discover totally disruptive approaches for producing innovative therapies that are more affordable and closer to the patient.

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Bioproduction: a strategic sector

The bioproduction of tomorrow could be the cure for the incurable diseases of today. From different types of cancer to degenerative illnesses, from rare diseases to certain chronic disorders, biomedicines such as vaccines and antibiotics could produce game-changing results.

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our training programmes

Digital and innovative biotechnology training programmes
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bioproduction plant environment

This training consists of seven modules.

  • Exploring the impact of bioproduction on biotherapy.
  • Two modules on understanding the aseptic environment of bioproduction and the behaviours this implies for employees.
  • Virtual reality module for implementation during a simulation.
  • Two modules on data and digital technology.
  • Final evaluation of a practical application.

bioprocess designer

This training consists of eight modules.

  • Application to life sciences and bioprocesses.
  • Collaborative intelligence.
  • Data analysis (AL/ML/AL) and in silico simulation.
  • Materials science and biometrics.
  • Computer science.
  • Opto-electronics and signal processing.
  • Synthetic biology.
  • TRIZ (design thinking and approach innovation).

the upstream phase of the development process

This training consists of six modules.

  • Impact of bioproduction on biotherapy.
  • Presentation of the industrial environment and the development of the processes that this involves.
  • Cell culture, with online training and a serious game, plus in-process control (IPC).
  • Application module at USP.P* level.
  • Integrity of microbiological control data from sampling to results.
  • Final evaluation on a technical platform or in the laboratory.

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