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who are we? a new biotech centre of excellence is an ambitious training platform in the strategic bioproduction sector. It offers training programmes open to everyone – professionals, employees who are retraining or recent graduates – keen to give their careers a sense of purpose and discover totally disruptive approaches for producing innovative therapies that are more affordable and closer to the patient.

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Bioproduction: a strategic sector

The bioproduction of tomorrow could be the cure for the incurable diseases of today. From different types of cancer to degenerative illnesses, from rare diseases to certain chronic disorders, biomedicines such as vaccines and antibiotics could produce game-changing results.

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our training programmes

Digital and innovative biotechnology training programmes
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Curriculum 10: Supply Chain Management - Logistics activities from production to patients

This curriculum provides the skills needed to effectively manage the supply chain, from production to distribution, including risk management and process optimization.


  • Module 1: Transportation and logistics management for bioproducts
  • Module 2: Transportation in a temperature-controlled environment
  • Module 3: Storage and handling of bioproducts
  • Module 4: Warehouse and transport qualification
  • Module 5: Quality deviation management in Supply Chain
  • Module 6 : Curriculum evaluation

Curriculum 1: Environment of the BioProduction Factory

Understand the aseptic environment and the specific behaviors


  • Module 1: Impact of bioproduction on the biotherapy delivery
  • Module 2: Entry in an industrial aseptic environment
  • Module 3: Behaviors in an aseptic environment
  • Module 4: Applicative immersive module, simulation on workstation
  • Module 5: GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Data integrity / transversal skills
  • Module 6: Lean / Digital technologies for industry 4.0
  • Module 7: Final evaluation

Curriculum 2: USP (Upstream process) in cGMPs

 Identify the main steps of USP biological production


  • Module 1: Impact of bioproduction on the biotherapy delivery
  • Module 2: Presentation of cGMPs and industrial environment – USP
  • Module 3: Behaviors for USP in cGMPs industrial environment
  • Module 4: In-Process Controls (IPCs) for USP in cGMPs
  • Module 5: Data integrity applied to USP in cGMPs
  • Module 6: Practice USP in cGMPs
  • Module 7: Final evaluation

Curriculum 3: Fill & Finish in cGMPs

Identify the main steps of Fill and Finish


  • Module 1: Impact of bioproduction on the biotherapy delivery
  • Module 2: Introduction to Fill & Finish
  • Module 3: Material reception and handling
  • Module 4: Thawing/Formulation & Pooling /Filtration
  • Module 5: Aseptic Filling line specific conditions
  • Module 6: Aseptic Filling line: Set up and filling the primary packaging
  • Module 7: Sampling and control in Fill & Finish
  • Module 8: Packaging, Labelling, Serialization
  • Module 9: cGMPs in Fill & Finish
  • Module 10: Fill & Finish – Applicative module
  • Module 11: Final evaluation

Curriculum 4: Dsp (Dowstream Process) in cGMPS

Be able to conduct the DSP process in “total autonomy”


  • Module 1: Impact of bioproduction on the biotherapy delivery
  • Module 2: DSP Process in cGMPs
  • Module 3: Behaviors in DSP in cGMPs and Industrial Environment
  • Module 4: Viral Clearance
  • Module 5: Equipment Cleaning in DSP
  • Module 6: In-Process Controls (IPCs) for DSP in cGMPs
  • Module 7: Data integrity for DSP in cGMPs
  • Module 8: DSP – Applicative module
  • Module 9: Final evaluation

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